Avoid the Most Common Mistakes with These Facebook Marketing Tips

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As a platform with over a billion active users daily, Facebook has become the top destination for budding entrepreneurs who wish to grow their business. In fact, 74 percent of people say that they use Facebook for business-related reasons. Most of them might be on the lookout for Facebook marketing tips daily.

Indeed, a social media platform that was once intended for social purposes has grown and transformed into a tool for doing business. Day in and day out, ads crop up, and offers are aplenty as you browse through your Facebook feed. For businesses, the potential to reach a wider audience is appealing, making Facebook an ideal platform to market their brand and entice new customers to make a purchase.

Top Facebook Marketing Mistakes You Need to Avoid

As promising as the potential to reach a wide range of audiences might sound, there’s a certain art to crafting a Facebook marketing strategy. It’s not surprising, then, that a number of businesses are unknowingly committing these mistakes on Facebook.

  • Too quick to ask for a phone call
    Fostering a relationship with a potential client on Facebook takes time. Unfortunately, a number of entrepreneurs still make the mistake of asking potential clients for a phone call too quickly. It doesn’t matter if your business offers the best solutions or products. Committing this mistake can put you in a negative light, and make you seem needy.
  • Heavy on promotion
    Businesses that find success on Facebook are those that are willing to connect with their audiences. This cannot be achieved, however, if they post a lot of promotional content. This can easily derail any Facebook marketing strategy. Facebook users value brands that offer value to them: the challenge for your business is to find better ways to connect with your target audience.
  • Focus on the number of likes
    It is true that the number of likes on one post might indicate that your message has been spread out as widely as possible. However, putting too much focus on your page’s number of likes might distract you from the real goal of using Facebook: to gain brand ambassadors. These ambassadors will promote your brand for free and will be more active in spreading the word about your brand across all channels.
  • Wordy posts
    As with any other platforms, Facebook users prefer to see shorter text posts. As a general rule of thumb, a caption that’s 250 characters long (or shorter) can gain 60 percent more shares. If you can trim it down to 80 characters, your post might even get more likes.

Remember These Facebook Marketing Tips

While it’s easy to be discouraged with these mistakes, always remember that marketing on Facebook will always involve trial and error. You must gauge the strategies that will work for your specific target audience, and make tweaks as necessary. More importantly, keep the aforementioned mistakes in mind and do what it takes to avoid them. With these Facebook marketing tips, your business can see growth over time.