Facebook Ads Best Practices: Writing Copy that Delivers Top Results

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Today, Facebook is more than a means to stay connected with your network. It is also a powerful marketing tool that can help SMBs compete with the big names on their respective industries on equal ground. In fact, many small- to medium-sized businesses rely on Facebook advertising instead of investing in traditional media like radio or television. If you are writing your own Facebook ads but not finding much success, you may want to brush up on the Facebook ads best practices for 2018 included in our marketing guide. In particular, you should study about copywriting best practices.

Tips to Help You Write Better Facebook Ad Copies

Excellent copywriting improves the performance of any ads. Here are a few tips to help you write better copy for your Facebook ads:

✅ Keep your ad copy short and sweet

Let’s face it. The attention span of average Facebook users is quite short, especially if they perceive that what they are looking at isn’t providing them with much value. You only have about a second or two to grab your target market’s attention. This is why it’s better to write a copy that is short, sweet, and direct to the point.

Facebook ads best practices indicate that ad copy should contain 90 characters or less for the best results. It may take a little practice, but writing a copy that’s short without losing your core message is definitely possible!

✅ Don’t try to cheat by adding text to the image

Now, you might think that if you can only use 90 characters for your ad’s copy, you can place more text on the accompanying image. Unfortunately, doing so will do more harm than good. Facebook wants images to remain as images. Ads that have too much text on their images are often penalized as Facebook restricts the reach of these ads. If you need to mention something important, it’s better to place it on the link description rather than on your image.

✅ Don’t be afraid to take a conversational tone

Consumers nowadays aren’t too keen on “generic, broad marketing.” They want their interactions with brands to be more personalized, so don’t be afraid to make conversational copywriting the focus of your Facebook advertising strategy.

Writing ad copies that capitalize on conversational tone can be quite easy if you have a clear idea of who your target market is. For example, if your target market for a particular ad is working mothers who don’t have much time to clean, try writing copy similar to “No time to clean? Keep your home spotless with minimal effort!” Although it may not seem personalized at first, the conversational tone used along with addressing an issue your target market faces make them feel that your ad is specifically for them.

✅ Make sure the ad image is related to your copy

One of the most common methods to grab the attention of Facebook users is including an eye-catching image to the ad. But this doesn’t mean that you should use any picture that you know will catch the eye of your target market. Make sure that the image you use is directly related to your copy and vice versa. This may seem like common sense, but you’d be surprised by how many ads run on Facebook every day where the ad image is not completely related to the product or service the advertiser is trying to sell.

Make sure your Facebook advertising strategy prioritizes custom images of your products/services over stock photos found on the Internet.

✅ Use only one call-to-action per ad

Make sure you only use one call-to-action (CTA) for your copy. A call-to-action is a powerful copywriting tool that tells your target market exactly what they need to do to receive the benefit you’ve promised them. Given this, you may be tempted to use several CTAs in your copy. This, however, is a terrible idea. Having multiple CTAs can confuse your target market, which may result in poor click-through and conversion rates.

These are only a few Facebook ads best practices you should be following when writing ad copies. If you are having trouble with writing your own copy, there is always so much time to learn the ins and outs of Facebook marketing. Get our information materials today and start boosting your marketing efforts!